Sunday, June 05, 2011

giveaway - Tree Drawing in Red and Blue

If you would like to own this drawing:
*Please comment here, and tell me why you would like to own it....

**I will select a winner, based on the answer I think is best, on Thursday, June 9.

You will only need to pay for the cost of shipping which is $5.25 within the U.S. and $3.60 within Europe....

(I created this drawing using pens on paper and it measures approximately 6 x 7.5 inches.)


Mattos said...

First off, I love your work, I have admired it now for years on etsy. Your trees are a particular favorite. The colors are stunning and I am so all about color, (you have seen my work). I am filling my house with original art by different artists (my husband keeps asking where are you going to put that, I tell him there is always room for original art.) Lastly trees seem to speak to me, I love growing things and I love trees, I have planted many around my home. They are something special, their roots reach deep and draw from the earth, their limbs reach high for the sky, never really seeing a limit, healthy fruit trees give an abundance of goodness in fruitage and blossoms in the spring, showing a renewal of life, some trees sway in the wind, some leaves clap in the breeze, some provide shade and shelter from storms, they provide homes for creatures, and strong ones provide a joy in a swing. I think I could go on and on about the goodness of a tree, but I think you get my message. I see these things in your tree and that is why it should be mine, it belongs in my home.

Arizona Girls said...

This is the first time seeing your work! I love colors and the way you used them in your drawing is awesome! The unique thing of trees is they are all so unique and they all grow different, some are for decoration only and some are for food. Some just grow.

Again I LOVE colors and I love your drawing for that fact! =)

Noemi said...

Well, I would say that the question is why someone wouldn't want to own it.
As I said on the Etsy blog team I am really glad I met you and your work. It is vibrant, full of life and colour. I am not too kin on the nudes ones, but even though this tree is also naked (just a bad joke), is a fantastic drawing.
The reason I would want to win this piece of art is because, first is a piece of art and as an art lover I would really enjoy having it in my home, beautifully framed; second, I have the perfect spot for it, and now that I have seen this painting, this space looks empty and naked without that tree so full of life. It reminds me to a firework spectacle, but rather than fading away, this stays and shines on itself.
Thank you very much for the chance of winning this piece of you.
A big hug from spain.

nina kuriloff said...

Mattos, Arizona Girls, and Noemi,

Thanks so much for entering this contest.
All of your answers are terrific, truly. :=)
And I wish I had 3 trees to give away, so that each of you could have one of them.

But, Mattos expresses so much enthusiasm, that I am overwhelmed by her response, and declare her to be the winner.

Perhaps in 6 months, I will run another giveaway.

I wish you all a future of marvelous creativity!