Tuesday, April 23, 2013

small drawing - long-haired Erotic Nude Woman

Here is my new small drawing of the rear view of a nude woman, who is young and beautiful. Her long dark hair falls below her waist. She is also surrounded by a symmetrical design!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nude Red-Haired Woman with Long Legs

It's my newest nude that is making her appearance here. We see a rear view of her. She has very beautiful long red hair that she wears in a ponytail down her back. And, she has lovely long legs. Not surprisingly, I have named this drawing, "Her Long Legs."
I created this drawing using a variety of pens on paper, and it measures approximately 7.5 x 2.75 inches.

If you wish to purchase this drawing, please click here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

small drawing - Red Haired young Nude Woman

This was meant to be a fun and cute drawing of the rear view of a lovely redhead! Her hair is thick and long, falling below her tiny waistline!
She is surrounded by a colorful background!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

very small drawing of Female Nude - her breasts

This is my newest drawing that is very small, measuring 3.5 x 2.5 inches.
I created it using gel and micron and india ink pens on paper.
The red/orange background is vibrantly colorful.

If you are interested in purchasing this drawing you may do so by clicking here.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Red-Haired Erotic Nude Woman with Long Legs

Here is my drawing of the front view of a beautiful young woman! She has full and wavy luscious red hair! Her legs are very long. And, she is surrounded by vibrant orange color.
I created this background using the cross-hatching technique, which is an all-time favorite technique of mine.
I call this drawing, "Contemplative," because that is the mood this woman conveys.

If you wish to purchase this drawing you may do so by clicking here.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Erotic Redhead Nude Pigtails fun Tattoos

Here is my drawing of a fun seated nude figure. She has red pigtails and cute heart tattoos upon her derriere.

This drawing is part of my ongoing series of "Zen Nudes" in which we see the rear view of seated nudes in meditative positions. If you would like to purchase this drawing, please click here.

Thank you for viewing my artwork!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

small drawing of Stylized Erotic Nude

Here is my frontal view of a voluptuous nude woman who is surrounded by vibrant red/orange color.