Thursday, February 28, 2013

small painting of Woman's Purple Face

This is face #22 in my 29-face challenge for the month of February and this challenge will run or walk into the month of March. lol
Actually, her face is purple, magenta and red in color....
She hasn't had the best day, but the day will improve and perhaps her life will improve too.
I shall call this painting (sketch), "One of Those Days."
It measures 3.5 x 2.5 inches and I created it in gouache on paper.


Maria said...

lovely work Nina! I've received a lovely award and Im supposed to pick five blogs that I love to receive the Liebster award! :D I've chosen you as one of the people. :D Hope its okay, visit my blog to view the award!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Jane Blogs said...

She does look as though she's had "one of those days"...
On a personal note, I'm sooo glad to see that you're behind on faces too, Nina!
I've beaten my record from last year (two!), but I'm really hoping to get the last eight or nine done sometime soon :D

Nina Kuriloff said...

Thanks so very much for the award!
I will look at your blog soon.
Have a wonderful weekend, too!

LOL re: my being behind on faces, too.