Sunday, February 24, 2013

Imaginary Face of a Woman

Here is face #18 in my 29-face challenge for this month of February.
Do you like her hair?
I think it is her crowning glory. :=)
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Thanks very much for viewing my drawing!


Maria said...

oh love the colours! Love the hair! :D WOnderful!

Nina Kuriloff said...

Thanks so much, Maria!!!

Caryn Strauss-Smith said...

Second attempt: I said something like your faces are getting so fantastic. This one is so robust with full-bodied hair in wonderful colors! (I said it better the first time.) Hope this takes.

Nina Kuriloff said...

You are so very sweet.
I am lucky to have made your acquaintance.

It was so nice of you to stop by a second time.

Thank you!