Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Stylized Drawing of African American Nude Woman

This drawing is 10 x 6 inches. And I created it using a variety of pens on 140 lb. paper. You may ask yourself, "Why does this artist create drawings on 140 lb. paper?" And if you did ask this question I would answer that, "The reason I use heavy weight paper for drawings is because, I often create multiple layers of color, and, because of this, I need paper that is substantial in weight."
This piece was originally larger, but, it didn't work as a 10 x 8 inch piece, so I had to cut it down to 10 x 6 inches.
And now, I am satisfied with the results.
I have not, yet, thought of a name for this drawing or a price for it. ;)
Edit: I have given this drawing the name, "Nude Woman bathed in Green Color." And, I have priced this drawing, too. :)


Melodie Douglas said...


Nina Kuriloff said...

Thanks very much, Melodie!

Caryn Strauss-Smith said...

Another beauty, Nina!

Nina Kuriloff said...

Thank you very much, Caryn!

Sally Trace said...

She is beautiful Nina.

Nina Kuriloff said...

Thanks so much, Sally!