Monday, March 25, 2013

Vibrantly Colorful stylized Drawing of Female Nude

This is a drawing, that I gave up working on a few weeks ago.
I gave up working on it because I had made errors (working with pens on paper) that I didn't think I could correct.
However, a friend of mine thought I should challenge myself to work on this drawing until I became satisfied with it.
And so, I spent a great deal of time working on it, for many days, until I became satisfied with it.
Now, I really like this drawing and do not want to sell it.
I think I will offer prints of it for sale fairly soon.
In real life, the colors are very vibrant; the vibrancy of the colors cannot be seen via the internet, unfortunately.
This drawing is 10 x 8 inches. I created it using micron and gel pens, as well as india ink pens, on paper.

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