Monday, August 30, 2010

small Drawing imaginary Bird Raven

Here is Odilon Redon's masterpiece, "The Raven:"

My drawing of an imaginary bird, below, was derived from Odilon Redon's masterpiece above.
I have used this particular image of his, for inspiration to create many works of art.

My small drawing measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Its coloration reminds me of Halloween and so I call this piece, "Halloween Birdy."
If you want to purchase my drawing, please click here.


Robert Patrick said...

Lovely drawing, Nina. Great source material too!

nina kuriloff said...

Thank you, Robert!

Yes, the source material is fantastic. :)

Rick Lieder said...

Nice! Redon is one of my favorites.

nina kuriloff said...

Thank you very much for commenting, Rick!

Joe's blog said...

This one is fantastic. I love it. I have some ballpen sketches on my blog too.

nina kuriloff said...

Thanks very much, Joe!