Friday, January 16, 2009

Original artwork drawing of Surreal Fantasy Tree

Here is my newest drawing of a multicolored tree that is part of my ongoing series of "Fantasy Trees."

It is small, measuring 5 x 3 inches.


shells said...

That is fantastic! And oddly similar to a bunch of my drawings, although mine are usually all black, sometimes with red. The kids call them 'Spooky Trees' - I didn't intentionally make them out to be trees at first, but the name stuck! Yours is so gorgeous - I might have to branch out in the colour department!

Sadia Hussain said...

Brilliant Nina! it seems as if each branch is veined out with life pulsing through .

nina kuriloff said...

thanks very much for commenting. :)
i have been working on my "Fantasy Tree" series for at least 5 years.
98% of them are in color.....

thanks so much for your feedback, which is greatly appreciated. :)