Monday, October 20, 2008

Drawing of Primitive Face

Here is my small drawing of a primitive face that was directly inspired by a face on a totem pole that appears in a painting created by Canadian painter, Emily Carr. Emily Carr was a painter that I have the utmost respect for.



Lilly's Life said...

Nina - there is something awfully compelling about the eyes you do - even on this one. That blue is so pretty too - do you have any special techniques? They are sort of mesmersing.

You are doing so many varied pieces now - do you think you would share your story on your blog about how you got into art - I always find it interesting whether people are just born with the talent or they find it after trying different things. Oh or maybe I could interview you on my blog as a feature - just three questions or so - would you be willing?

nina kuriloff said...

Hi Lilly,
Thanks for your comments about the eyes I draw and paint.

Hmmm....sharing my story about how I got into art........appears like a tremendous challenge right now. ;)

I suppose an interview may work. Let me think about it and get back to you.

Or, perhaps I will share a bit about myself as an artist here and there.

bobbywashere said...

Hello Nina

This drawing has a very tribal feel to it.

Think you should do the interview by the way :)


nina kuriloff said...


Thank you for your feedback.

I appreciate it.