Wednesday, September 03, 2008

my third drawing of a Mermaid

Yes, this is my third drawing of a mermaid......
I will need to gain inspiration to create mermaids in different poses.



Lilly's Life said...

As you know I love the mermaids - I dont know the lovely rounded shape of the female form seems to suit the mermaid tail really. I posted a picture sometime recently of my daugher dressed up as a mermaid (one of my theatrical makeup sessions) and your art just reminds me of that happy time. Her hair was long, very snow white and wavy just like your art. A reclining mermaid would be cool or a gaggle of mermaids too. Easy for me to say when I dont have to produce them as you seemingly do with ease. Have a great day!

nina kuriloff said...

hi lily,

thanks so much for your comments, which are very helpful!

have a good evening!

nina :)