Thursday, February 22, 2007

Drawing of Female Breasts Hugging a Calla Lily Flower

This drawing is small in size, measuring 5" x 6."



LynClay said...

Hi Nina this is really a beautiful and very sensual work. I just had to tell you that your ACEO arrived today and it took me a good while of "oooohing" and "aaaahhing" when I first laid eyes on 'Flower Power'! It looked great on my computer screen but there is just no comparison to seeing one of your works in real life!!! It's very exquisite and I'll really treasure this little gem! I couldn't see the little sparklies in the green and black ink or the glowing colors you used when looking at it on my screen. I just wanted to say THANK YOU bunches!!! I'll send this message to you through the e-bay message system too to make sure you get it. :)

Nina Kuriloff said...

Thanks ever so much, Lynette!

Nina :)